Single-Source Reconfiguration Services
• Inventory and analysis of existing office furnishings and
• Evaluation of new space and listing of recommended
• Disassemble, move and reinstall existing furniture
• Help to orient employees with new environments
Immediate Financial Savings
• Use existing resources to fulfill changing needs
• Reduce downtime during actual reconfiguration
• Work performed during business hours, after work or
weekends to meet your needs
Long-Term Productivity
• Reconfiguring to a more efficient workspace results in a
better organized, more productive office that supports
people, processes and technology
Value-Added Options to Enhance Services
• Computer-Aided facility planning support
• Secured warehousing
• Asset management
• Furniture leasing
Move Management

• Conduct initial strategic planning meetings and
• Identify relocation team members
• Develop master relocation plan
• Data compilation
• Conduct required inventory
• Inventory analysis
• Information management
• Develop and issue relocation schedule
• Schedule and conduct relocation team meetings
• Performance/cost control
• Pre-move preparation – color coded plans, item
tagging, relocation checklist, update schedule
• Conduct employee orientation
• Conduct a packing clinic
• Physical move day – on-site supervision, resolve
problems, schedule cleaning staff
• Post occupancy evaluation – on-site supervision,
develop punch list, post audit/survey